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Annual Physical Exams Specialist

Gurprit Sekhon, MD -  - Internal Medicine

Nu Wave Medical Center

Gurprit Sekhon, MD

Internal Medicine located in Panama City Beach, FL

Are you overdue for your annual physical? Gurprit Sekhon, MD, at Nu Wave Medical Center in Panama City Beach, Florida, is an internal medicine physician who specializes in the health care needs of adults and recommends you come in every year for a check-up. This not only helps you and Dr. Sekhon stay on top of your health, but also improves your patient-doctor relationship. Call today, or schedule your annual physical using the online booking button.

Annual Physical Exams Q & A

What is an annual physical?

Your annual physical, also known as a wellness exam, is a routine health exam that helps set the stage for your general health. Not only does your annual exam give Dr. Sekhon an opportunity to check all your major health systems, but it also helps both of you establish a more trusting relationship that will help her provide you with more focused care when you need it.

What can I expect during an annual physical?

Because you have unique health care needs and concerns, no one annual health exam is the same. However, Dr. Sekhon may include some routine tests and checks to help her get a picture of your health. This may include:

  • Measurement of your weight, height, blood pressure, and heart rate
  • Look at your eyes, ears, nose, and throat
  • Listen to your breath sounds and heartbeat
  • Check your reflexes
  • Palpate your internal organs

Dr. Sekhon will also review your medical history, including medication, and any health concerns you’ve had over the past year.

After she’s gathered all the information she needs from you, she’ll go over your exam and provide recommendations for your specific health needs or review preventive measures to help maintain or improve your health.

Will I need any special tests?

To get a better picture of your health, Dr. Sekhon may recommend special tests, such as a blood or urine test, which can be done at the office.

Depending on your age or health condition she may also recommend additional testing such as:

  • Mammogram for women
  • Bone density test
  • Hormone level check
  • Blood lipid profile

Nu Wave Medical Center is equipped with an echocardiogram (EKG) machine, which may be recommended if Dr. Sekhon has concerns about your heart.

What if I have a health condition?

Dr. Sekhon is an internal medicine physician and trained to diagnose, treat, and manage any health condition that affects adults. She specializes in treating:

  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis

She provides education, routine care, medication, and monitoring to help you manage your health condition.

Call Nu Wave Medical Center, or use the online booking button to schedule your annual physical.