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Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Reversed?

Diabetes is a scourge that affects over 37 million Americans. Typically diagnosed in adulthood, type 2 diabetes puts you at risk for a host of serious conditions. Learn about steps you can take to get on top of your diabetes sooner rather than later.

Sep 1st, 2022
Foods that Boost Good Cholesterol

High cholesterol puts you at risk for serious conditions, like stroke and heart disease. It's often necessary to change your diet to improve your "good" and "bad" cholesterol. Read on to learn about what you can eat to raise your good cholesterol.

Jul 1st, 2022
I’m Struggling to Lose Weight

Weight loss programs are often attempted, and frequently abandoned. Hitting your goal can be challenging, especially if you’re working on weight loss alone. Your doctor can be an unbeatable ally as you combat unwanted pounds

Mar 1st, 2022
Common STDs and How to Prevent Them

Over 20 million people are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) each year, so it’s something we should all be concerned about. Learn about the most common STDs here, how they’re treated, and how to prevent them.

Feb 1st, 2022
What Is Gout and What Can I Do About It?

If you’ve been awakened by severe pain and swelling in your big toe joint in the middle of the night, you probably have gout, an inflammatory arthritis that sufferers have endured for centuries. Learn about symptoms and effective treatments here.

Dec 1st, 2021
Is Your Blood Pressure High?

High blood pressure leads to serious health conditions, including stroke and heart attack, but it has no symptoms. Keep reading to learn the importance of regular readings and treatments for high blood pressure.

Nov 1st, 2021
Who Needs an EKG?

Medical technology is ever-advancing, and vital in terms of helping your doctor diagnose and treat many conditions. The electrocardiogram, or EKG, can tell your doctor many things. Learn more about the test and who it can help here.

Sep 1st, 2021
What’s the Difference Between Good and Bad Cholesterol?

Did you know that there’s a good guy and a villain when it comes to your cholesterol reading? Keep reading to learn what cholesterol is, what it does, and how to manage it so you can lower your chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

Aug 3rd, 2021
Complications of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is disturbingly common in the United States. Most know that it raises your risk for heart attack and stroke, but are you aware that hypertension contributes to other health complications? Read on to learn more.

Jul 8th, 2021
A Closer Look at Gout

Gout used to be associated with indulging in overeating and drinking with abandon. Now we know that it’s a kind of inflammatory arthritis and that treatments and lifestyle changes can prevent painful flares. Learn more here.

Jun 17th, 2021
The Link Between Weight Loss and Improved Sleep

If you're unable to get a solid night’s rest night after night, your weight may have something to do with it. Excess pounds are linked to several sleep problems and health conditions. Learn more about them and how to finally, safely lose weight.

May 11th, 2021
Is High Cholesterol Really That Bad?

High cholesterol levels put you at higher risk for heart disease and a host of other serious conditions. Learn more about good and bad types of cholesterol, and how you can lower yours if you need to.

Apr 1st, 2021
How Can I Manage Arthritis Pain?

Arthritis can strike virtually any joint, and next thing you know, you’re suffering from pain, swelling, and redness around your joints. Great care for arthritis involves implementing smart strategies and proactive management of the condition. Here's how.

Mar 1st, 2021
5 Benefits of Healthy Weight Loss

Losing weight undeniably makes you look better, but shedding pounds can be a real boon to your health too. Learn about the major health benefits of weight loss here — some may surprise you.

Feb 2nd, 2021
High Blood Pressure Complications and How to Avoid Them

You can go for years living with dangerously elevated blood pressure and be unaware of it. Hypertension puts you at risk for serious health conditions, some life-threatening. Learn how effective management and self-care can lower it here.

Jan 1st, 2021
6 Tips for Managing Your Cholesterol Over the Holidays

The holiday season, with its rich food and drink, can wreak havoc on your cholesterol, which puts you at higher risk for heart disease. Learn what you can do to keep it on an even keel, and still enjoy this time of year.

Dec 18th, 2020
5 Tips to Keep Diabetes at Bay

Diabetes affects two million Floridians, and many more are at high risk for developing it. Diabetes complications are serious, but there are lifestyle practices you can adopt that significantly reduce your chances of being diagnosed. Learn more here.

Nov 2nd, 2020
Your Flu Shot is More Important Than Ever This Year

It’s important to get a flu shot every year, but this year it’s critical because we’re dealing with COVID-19. Keep reading to learn why it’s essential to protect yourself this year, more than any other.

Sep 1st, 2020
The Importance of Having an Annual Physical

Maintaining your health isn’t unlike maintaining your car. Proper preventive care reduces the chances of a breakdown. That's why yearly physicals are so important. Keep reading to learn why you shouldn’t skip your annual physical.

Aug 13th, 2020
Dietary Changes for Managing Gout

Gout impacts over eight million Americans. When ignored, gout can cause permanent joint damage and serious pain. Keep reading to learn how you can manage gout, and reduce your chances of an attack.

Jul 7th, 2020
The Importance of Getting Exercise When You Have Arthritis

Living with arthritis is a challenge, but staying physically active is an absolute must. You might think exercise will bring more pain, but it offers a host of benefits that can greatly ease your discomfort. Keep reading to learn how exercise can alleviate

May 26th, 2020
When to Consider a Medical Weight Loss Program

Frustrated with countless diets and exercise programs that haven’t delivered the weight loss you’re seeking? It may be time to consider a medical weight loss program. Learn how our program can help you achieve your weight goals.

Oct 1st, 2019
Diet Changes That Help Fight High Cholesterol

If you're one of the millions of adults in the United States who are fighting high cholesterol, you know it's important to watch your diet. Read more to learn about changes you can make to your diet to lower your cholesterol and maintain your health.

Sep 1st, 2019
Myths and Facts About Vaccinations

Misinformation about vaccinations creates confusion and threatens public safety. Read on as we debunk some common myths with solid facts to set the record straight about vaccinations.

Aug 1st, 2019
Here's How Stress Affects Your Body

Did you know that stress can cause certain health issues or make an existing condition much worse? Stress-busting could be the best thing you can do for your health!

Jul 1st, 2019
The Link Between Obesity and Diabetes

The link between obesity and diabetes is well established. And with more than 100 million people in the United States dealing with diabetes or prediabetes, the more you know about obesity and diabetes the better.

Jun 1st, 2019
Tips for Maintaining Your Weight Loss Results

We know how hard it is to lose weight and to finally meet your weight loss goal. But, believe it or not, your work isn’t done when you’ve hit that magic number. Learn how to maintain your weight loss results and set yourself up for long-term success with

May 6th, 2019
Why an Annual Physical Is a Great Habit to Keep Up With

You know your car needs periodic adjustments, including oil changes and maintenance. Why would your body be any different? To keep yourself in tiptop operating shape and head off problems at an early stage, get an annual physical.

Mar 4th, 2019
Why High Blood Pressure Is Known as the Silent Killer

You've undoubtedly heard it before, but why is high blood pressure called the "silent killer” anyway? You may be surprised to learn just how silent this assassin is. Find out what you need to know about the leading cause of death in the U.S.

Jan 8th, 2019
Why There is a New Flu Vaccine Every Year

Worried about the dreaded congestion, cough, aches, and fever of the flu? You know a flu shot is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones, but do you really need to get vaccinated again this year? Yes. You do. Read on to learn why.

Oct 18th, 2018