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Diet Versus Exercise: Which Is More Important to Weight Loss?

Diet Versus Exercise: Which Is More Important to Weight Loss?

Perhaps you’ve struggled with your weight for a long time. Maybe it’s just as you’ve gotten older, or after you’ve had a baby. In any event, losing pounds and keeping them off isn’t easy. You need an effective combination of a nutrition plan and an exercise program that works for you

It’s no secret either that, as a country, we struggle greatly with maintaining a healthy weight, with over 36% of Americans falling in the “obese” category and over 32% being considered overweight. The health implications of these statistics are alarming. 

Dr. Gurprit Sekhon and the warm team at Nu Wave Medical Center have developed a medical weight loss system as part of their services for patients that keeps your health top of mind — so no fad diets and unrealistic exercise schemes, just sound nutrition and a movement plan that matches your fitness level and goals.

For weight loss, is diet and exercise an “either-or” issue?

There are plenty of articles published touting the fact that either diet or exercise is the bigger key to successful weight loss, but the truth is, they’re both very important. The bottom line is that it all comes down to math. Calories taken in from what you eat, and then expended through physical exercise must end up creating an overall net deficit that results in weight loss. 

Another absolutely essential piece in the weight loss puzzle that Nu Wave Medical Center’s program emphasizes is support, along with medical guidance. We cheer you on throughout your whole weight loss journey, and help you maintain your weight loss as well. 

As we mentioned before, successful long-term weight loss is no easy feat, and the choices of eating plans out there, along with workouts that are in vogue (think: spin classes, Pilates, etc.) is nothing short of dizzying. 

While you need a diet that’s specifically tailored to your metabolism and any health conditions you may live with, it must always include appropriate portions of nutrient-dense foods. Dr. Sekhon also offers medications that can complement your nutrition plan and augment your weight loss. 

We pride ourselves on creating a diet plan that’s not just palatable to you, but contains foods and meal plans that you actually look forward to enjoying — no crackers that taste like twigs or meals that leave you hungry!

Now let’s take exercise into account. It’s essential for weight loss and critical for maintaining your results. Dr. Sekhon is sensitive to the fact that some patients may not be used to daily exercise, and she eases you into movement in a way that’s safe and not jarring to your body.

It’s recommended that you do anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic activity per day, five days a week. This type of exercise is the kind that makes you sweat, gets your blood pumping, and raises your heart rate. 

Dancing, riding your bike, running, and brisk walking all count. The important thing is to do something you enjoy so you see physical activity as something to look forward to rather than a punishment to dread. 

Strength training is the other component to a well-rounded exercise plan. Activities like lifting weights or using resistance bands for two days per week builds muscle mass, burns fat, strengthens your bones, and prompts your body to burn calories more efficiently. 

Lose weight the healthy way 

Eating a healthy diet and including exercise in your daily routine are both vital for getting rid of unwanted weight. Fortunately, Dr. Sekhon provides guidance around both of these important components for safe weight loss that’s permanent. 

The results of weight loss are undeniable and diverse. You lower your risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other serious health conditions; you suffer less joint pain; enjoy more restful sleep; and feel great about how you look. 

Get on a path to healthy weight loss by calling Nu Wave’s office at 850-666-4726, or book an appointment online with us. 

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