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Should I Lose Weight Before Emsculpt NEO?Ⓡ

Should I Lose Weight Before Emsculpt NEO?Ⓡ

There are few things as discouraging as eating well, exercising religiously, and still not being able to shed stubborn fat deposits from problem areas like your abdomen, inner thighs, upper arms, calves, and those pesky “love handles” that settle in right above your hips.  

Dr. Gurprit Sekhon offers a treatment that’s nothing short of revolutionary. Emsculpt NEO not only rids you of unwanted fat pockets, but it builds muscle too. The Nu Wave Medical Center team has seen amazing results for patients, who’ve embraced Emsculpt NEO wholeheartedly, thanks to its many benefits.

Why is Emsculpt NEO treatment effective?

Emsculpt NEO treatment marries two powerful therapeutic tools — radiofrequency and high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energies. The result? Therapy that has the ability to do two critical things — obliterate fat and develop muscle.

Here are some additional, significant advantages of Emsculpt NEO:

When Dr. Sekhon treats you with Emsculpt NEO, she gently places a handheld device on your trouble spot. You typically feel warmth and significant muscle contractions, but patients describe Emsculpt NEO as spa-like and relaxing rather than painful or unpleasant. Afterwards you may feel like you do after a workout.

The RF energy component of Emsculpt NEO produces heat that zaps fat cells below your skin, while the treatment’s HIFEM energy causes your muscles to contract to an extent that simply isn’t possible when you work out. Your muscle fibers even tear slightly, which also happens when you exercise, making them grow and transform themselves.

Emsculpt NEO eradicates fat, yes, but it also sculpts and redefines your targeted treatment areas. And don’t worry, your body eliminates your fat cells naturally after treatment.

Why this body contouring treatment is available to more people

Another thing that makes Emsculpt NEO stand out is that, unlike other body contouring treatments, you don’t have to be at your goal weight already to receive treatment. 

In other words, if your BMI (body mass index) is 35 or under, you won’t get barred from enjoying Emsculpt NEO’s extraordinary results. If you’re living with unwanted pounds, or even diagnosed with obesity, and your BMI doesn’t exceed 35, you don’t have to kiss the possibility of Emsculpt NEO treatment goodbye. 

If your BMI is above this threshold, you’ll need to lose weight to become a candidate for treatment.

Dr. Sekhon clarifies with all her patients considering Emsculpt NEO, however, that despite more people being candidates for the treatment, it shouldn’t be considered a therapy for weight loss.

If your current goal is to lose weight all over, you’ll want to take advantage of the medically supervised weight loss program that’s part of Nu Wave’s treatment menu.  

Since the number of Emsculpt NEO treatments you get depends on how many areas you need to be addressed, your treatment plan is typically highly customized. Dr. Sekhon often recommends a series of four sessions with four or five non-treatment days in between each session. 

It takes about three months to fully see the results of your Emsculpt NEO treatment, but believe us, it’s well worth the wait, and many patients notice differences right away. It’s time for you to shine, and you can when your self-confidence is off the charts.

Book an appointment to learn more about Emsculpt NEO by calling our Panama City Beach office at 850-493-6948.

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