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When You Can Benefit From an Internal Medicine Physician

We’re lucky the world is balanced with the detail-obsessed and the generalists. Each serves a unique but necessary purpose. 

In the world of medicine, we see a generalist for routine care and a specialty physician for something unusual. But you’ve got choices when it comes to your primary care physician. You can opt for either an internal medicine physician or a family physician. Each has unique abilities.

Internal medicine physicians and family doctors tend to be lumped together as doctors you go to for routine check-ups and minor ailments. Internal medicine physicians have an edge in terms of the care they provide, one that might be the right fit for your needs.

Dr. Gurprit Sekhon at Nu Wave Medical Center is an experienced and dedicated internal medicine physician. Her services and consultations offer a balance of preventive care, diagnostic expertise, advanced treatment, and condition management. 

What makes an internal medicine physician different?

An internal medicine physician has an impressive combination of experience in diagnosing and treating both brief and chronic illnesses. In addition, preventive care is a pillar of their work.

Another notable difference is that unlike a family doctor who cares for patients in every stage of life — from infancy through octogenarians and beyond — internal medicine physicians concentrate on serving adult patients exclusively. 

This whole patient approach is what Dr. Sekhon subscribes to because it makes so much sense. She knows your current lifestyle informs your future health and that your physical wellbeing impacts your emotional health — it’s all closely related.

An internal medicine physician has an impressive combination of experience in diagnosing and treating both brief and chronic illnesses. In addition, preventive care is a pillar of their work.

Circumstances that call for an internal medicine physician

Are you a healthy adult who wants to optimize your wellness? Then being cared for by an internal medicine physician is a great choice.

Dr. Sekhon assesses and discusses your family and personal health history with you because again, it’s all interconnected, and your care springs from that foundation.

She’s equally well qualified to treat you if you’re dealing with one or more chronic conditions. Dr. Sekhot works to either manage your condition so you’re as functional and comfortable in your daily life as possible or eliminate it entirely.  

For example, if you and Dr. Sekhot can catch prediabetes early — a condition the CDC says over 88 million Americans have (and most are unaware they do) — she can devise a plan to help you manage it so it doesn’t progress to full-blown diabetes. If you live with diabetes, she also provides excellent monitoring and treatment. 

Dr. Sekhot has special expertise in caring for patients with arthritis and osteoporosis, two maladies with scores of sufferers. 

She approaches arthritis with a full range of effective treatment tools, from simple over-the-counter pain medication to lifestyle changes or a course of physical therapy. 

If you’re at risk for osteoporosis, Dr. Sekhot treats you preventively and offers advice on slowing the onset of the disease. If you’ve been diagnosed, she counsels you about everything from diet and bone-building medications to strategies you can take to lower your risk of fragility fractures. 

An internal medicine physician is with you all the way

What’s impressive about the care that Dr. Sekhot provides is that it’s enhanced by deep knowledge of you. You’re not simply a case or a condition, you’re a multi-faceted person. This insight means she can identify subtle changes in your health and take your past, present, and future into account when treating you. 

With admitting privileges at two local hospitals, Dr. Sekhot can be there whenever and wherever you need her. Contact our office to schedule a consultation today! We look forward to building a relationship with you. 

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